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12 Months of 2024 - 12 Climate Change Goals

In 2024 we will Journey Together towards acquiring 12 Climate Change Goals Together. Let the Journey begin!

Meatless Mondays

Go Meatless (Mondays, and More)! Here’s a simple resolution with a positive environmental impact: eat less meat! One of the chief contributors to climate change is meat production. Resource-intensive animal-based foods carry a higher carbon footprint than plant-based foods and account for approximately one-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

RePurpose (Recycle) Clothing


RePurpose Fashion


REPURPOSE by Shidonna Raven Fashion is a climate change conscious brand that reducesreusesrecycles & REPURPOSES women clothing to reduce the huge impact fashion has on our environment. Additionally we offer ReNEWED items as well, which are new and have never been worn and when possible are made from upcycled or recycled fabrics and materials. Thank you for joining us and being a customer. Enjoy your REPURPOSED items and Recycle gently used clothing.

In the midst of efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change around the world. RePurpose Fashion brand is purposed to encourage people to do their part, fashionably, to help prevent climate change by reducing, reusing, recycling, renewing and RePurposing the fashion they wear. The fashion industry along with other industries have a huge impact on climate change today. Instead of putting your gently used clothes in the landfill RePurpose them.

Become a Climate Change Community Champion

Climate Change Community Champions exemplify and help others implement a host of climate change efforts including but not limited to climate change activism, mitigation and adaptation, such as starting a Rain Garden or installing a Solar Panel. Are you a Climate Change Community Champions? Register with us below, tell us your story and become a Climate Change Community Champion. You could also be featured on our website. Thank you.

Start a Garden

There are many types of Gardens You can start in addition to a Rain Garden. Consider the Environment and your personal interest or goals. For instance, if you really enjoy cooking with herbs, consider starting a Kitchen Garden or an Herbal Garden and grow your own organic herbs such as Basil. Growing your own food not only gives you more control over your food supply and what you consume, with proper organic or natural Garden Techniques (JOIN the Garden Club and/or Read Our Ezine (Saturdays Gardens Days) - you can also positively impact the environment. The following are just a few Types of Gardens you can start:

  • Rain Garden - grow edible plants and capture rain over-flow at the same time while mitigating flooding in your community.

  • Kitchen Garden

  • Vegetable Garden

  • Floral Garden

  • And more

Continue the Journey & Deepen Your Climate Change Impact. Become a Climate Change Community Champion Today!

The Environment

Our primary goal is good health through good diet, fitness and health (the lack of illness). A large contributor to our over all health is the environment in which we live, work, play and grow our foods in.

As growers (of foods) and those living in a climate with extreme precipitation, we take opportunity to contribute to the over all well being of ourselves and consequently our environment by focusing on a few key areas: Rain Harvesting & Rain Gardens. We also take opportunity to focus on a few other areas impacting several communities and apart of our national climate agenda:

  • Solar Panels

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Recycling

  • Composting

  • Renewable Energies

  • Zero Waste Products

The water we harvest can be used in both our gardens and our homes. Rain gardens also take benefit of the excess of water by harvesting the water for gardens that are often not edible. 

While their are many types of extreme weather unique to many places across the nation and globe from California Wild fires to tsunamis and we recognize there are many ways to contribute to the over all health of the environment, these are the climate conditions unique to our area and the means upon which we seek to impact our environment.   

We invite you to join us or to make your own contributions. within this page (and within our e-zine) you will find information and resources that will help you harvest your own water, establish and maintain your own water gardens so that you may join us in making a contribution to the environment, your health and the health of your neighbors. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing and asking questions. 

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