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We partner, assist, train, educate, inform and empower bishops, pastors, ministers, ministries, churches (places of worship), religious staff and others regarding health and healing from a position of religious faith. Shidonna Raven is a Chief Scribe of the Christian faith specializing in the faith of Christianity with regard to matters of health and faith. She possess a BA in Corporate Communications and Spanish (Queens University), in MA in International Relations (U.S. International University) and is certified in Climate Change & Health as well as Roman Architecture (YALE). Rome is indeed the place where Jesus and his disciples graced. She too has traveled to Rome and other locations key to those of faith.


We understand Modern Western Medicine to have its roots also in religion born out of the study of celestial entities of astronomy that were worshiped. From astronomy came science, medicine, astronomical medicine as well as other disciplines based on this pagan faith. As persons of traditional religions we come to educate, shed light and truth regarding our and these religions and to give Americans as well as others what is valued most (in the U.S.) freedom from religious persecution and the right and correct information regarding their religious beliefs and practices.

We encourage others, regardless of faith, to be well informed patients when going to something as routine as a doctor's visit - making conscious decisions regarding their health. We encourage those of faith to consult their religious leaders and to return to the traditions, in many cases to their faith for the true healing they seek. We equip religious leaders and staff with the knowledge and resources they need to conduct such services. 

We know as do others like Warren Buffet that the medical industry has too long put profit over people producing poor health outcomes, hospital monopolies, rising health care costs, rising malpractice insurance costs, rinsing health insurance costs, rising morbidity and mortality rates. We live during a time where medical drugs and products do not have to prove their efficacy. The FDA pulls over 4,500 medical products off the market annually and struggles between monetary conflicts of interest and serving the public they serve. We live in a time where clinical trials have gone from a standard of 7 - 15 years of trial to COVID 19 vaccines produced in under a year. Indeed the public and world at large has become a clinical trial, which historically have been heavily fined in part due to the fraud the medical clinical trial and medical research industry is rife with.

WHEN It Should be DONE

Knowing the current poor health outcomes produced as outlined in the proceeding paragraphs, the time is now! If you are of the Christian faith then you know that science and medicine being rooted in its on pagan beliefs as evident in their belief in Creation - then you know no other god comes before the Lord and your time is Now!


At this current time we work primarily Virtually and in rare cases may work in person depending on the location.


  • Train your staff

  • Educate your leadership

  • Educate your membership

  • Include us in your conference

  • Obtain consultation

  • Empower your church, temple, assembly or place of worship

Complete our Request for Services by Clicking Here. Our services are based the Christian faith with respect and regard to traditional religions.

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Beacon of Hope Patient Life Rights

Excerpt: The intent of these patient rights is to protect at all costs and with full force of the legal and judicial system the full right and resources to protect life, health, body, faith, belief assets, property and monies with regard to health ...

(c) this document is copyright protected. Please make a donation to secure a copy for your place of worship.

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Shidonna Raven

Chief Scribe, Office of the Scribe

MA, BFA, BF & Certified

Shidonna Raven is a published author of a book and several articles and is a Chief Scribe of the Christian Faith possessing a B.A. of Corporate Communications & Spanish (Queens University) a MA in International Relations (U.S. International University). She is also is certified in Climate Change & Health as well as Roman Architecture (YALE) - Rome, where Jesus himself along with his disciples, appeared. She has also traveled to Rome as well as other locations key to those of religious faith.

View her Accolades & Learn about her Book: SHIFT, The Lord's Healing.

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