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Climate Change Community Champions

Climate Change Community Champions exemplify and help others implement a host of climate change efforts including but not limited to climate change activism, mitigation and adaptation, such as starting a Rain Garden or installing a Solar Panel. Are you a Climate Change Community Champions? Register with us below, tell us your story and become a Climate Change Community Champion. You could also be featured on our website. Thank you.

Climate Change Community Champions


Get the Resources & Support You need to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures such as solar panels.

Mentor others in implementing climate change adaption and mitigation.

Collaborate with other Climate Change Community Champions.

Be Subscribed to SR Garden & Cook E Magazine* delivered.

Be a Climate Change Community Champion Group Officer - ONLINE.

Receive 1 order of organic and or natural desserts annual with your membership renewal.

Climate Change Community Champion Membership. Speak with your tax and financial planning professional for tax credit.

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