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SHIFT, the Lord's Healing - BOOK

Is dedicated to correctly informing people regarding being a patient and understanding how to apply the Lord's healing to your life and your routine doctor's visits. Be one of the first to obtain this valuable information and understanding. Even, better be one of the first to support the publishing of this book: when you make a donation in support of this book, you will be one of the first to receive a copy upon completion. Thank you in advance for your support. Support as often as you wish. God Bless You.


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Shidonna Raven is a published author of a book and several articles and is a Chief Scribe of the Christian Faith possessing a B.A. of Corporate Communications & Spanish (Queens University) a MA in International Relations (U.S. International University). She is also is certified in Climate Change & Health as well as Roman Architecture (YALE) - Rome, where Jesus himself along with his disciples, appeared. She has also traveled to Rome as well as other locations key to those of religious faith.

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