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Nutritious, Healthy, Healing & Beneficial Ingredients



We source 100% organic products for our cookies, bars and squares whenever possible. When we can not source organic ingredients we then source natural ingredients. Almost never and rarely do we use non organic or natural products. While a product may be organic or natural it may not be best for your diet. For example if you are lactose intolerant a bowl of organic macaroni and cheese may not be best for you. Think critically about your dietary needs as well. It should be both organic and good for your diet. Read our E Zine articles to access helpful information regarding this. 

Oxford Languages defines Organic as - (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

Oxford Languages defines Natural Foods as - food that has undergone a minimum of processing or treatment with preservatives.

Food made with the prevailing food growing and production practices today include the use of chemicals such as pesticides and other process that became popular during the industrial revolution.

Often food labels list organic ingredients in foods with an * and at the end of the ingredient list denoted as organic, so the consumer knows which ingredients are organic and not. Not all food labels follow this methodology. On our packages our organic ingredients are labeled with an * and our natural ingredients with a **. Non organic and natural foods are typically not denoted at all. This is true for our labels.


Our cookies, bars and squares are made with the finest quality of ingredients. We aim to make our sweets as nutritious as possible not only offering sweets but packing them with nutritious fruits and nuts such as raisins and walnuts. At the end of the day they are still sweets. Nonetheless each dozen is home made and packed with nutrition and love.


A chef once said you will either pay for what you eat in the grocery store or at the doctors. Most would say they would rather spend the money filling themselves with nutritious foods rather than enter into a cycle of medicine / drug management. We spare no expense bringing you the most quality of foods. We think you and your health are worth every morsel. 

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