Upping your Twitter Game

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

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Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms there is. One of the first things a social media strategist will tell you about Twitter, and many other social media platforms, is that you should have a complete, branded and professional looking profile that sets you apart from more casual and less strategic social media members. Those members who tend to be more casual have personal and not professional accounts. For some social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, casual or more personal social media accounts just will not cut it.

If you are already in business, chances are you have begun or have a well defined brand for your business or organization. What you want to be sure of is that your profile is branded and professional. Each social media platform has its own file requirements for their platform. In order to build and maintain a social media profile that speaks to your brand and professional goals, including the bio, we recommend enlisting our help so that your business or organization is represented in a professional manner that sets you apart from the more passive and personal profiles that exist on social media today. Contact us today so we can discuss your overall social media strategy with you and help you Soar by Design.

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