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About Shidonna Raven(TM). 

What we do

Shidonna Raven(TM) is the industry leader, influencing professionals from Norfolk State University to Queens College to world-wide. We specialize in providing marketing and design services in the areas of online, digital and print media, inspired by clients and informed creativity. We are here to help you manage your brand and marketing plan. Please see our services page for a more ...un-exhaustive and specific list of services.
Let's get started by talking about your marketing and design needs, wants, desires, assets and how we can assist you in Soaring by Design.

Our Story

Our story begins with passion for great design and is deeply rooted in a results born out of solidified marketing skills.

We fortified our passion for design with traditional and classic training and practices that are the hallmarks of modern design today. We are fine artists at heart who understand design deeply.

Experience has granted us several successes in obtaining results with fortune 500 companies such as BMW and Bank of America. You are next…

All communications will come directly from Shidonna Raven. Any communications with regard to Shidonna Raven not directly from Shidonna Raven is fraudulent and should be reported to us immediately and will be reported to the proper authorities. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or concerns about content or credit. Thank you.

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