Mobile Shopping Statistics

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

By Coral Ouellette January 6, 2021

Source: Opt In Monster

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Mobile Shopping Statistics

If you thought for a second that mobile shopping wasn’t a big deal, you’d be interested to know that 67% of users admit to window shopping for fun on their smartphones.

Not only that, but 77% of these digital window shoppers make impulse purchases. And, if you couldn’t catch them right away, 70% of them will come back and make a purchase from their device within the first hour of seeing the product.

That’s why improving your SEO can help you catch those spontaneous shoppers.

Mobile shopping is quickly catching up to desktop shopping. It’s easier to do as people are often on the go. Mobile shopping allows for shopping from anywhere as long as there’s service. That’s why a whopping 49% of people exclusively use their phones for shopping. That means 49% of your traffic will also come from mobile users. Because of this, optimizing your site for mobile is crucial.

The growth in mobile shopping vs. physical shopping and desktop shopping is outstanding. By 2021, mobile is predicted to dominate online sales, driving 54% of all sales.

People don’t only use their smartphones to shop online, but 65% check for price comparisons while they’re physically shopping in a store. Checking things like price comparisons have influenced 51% of shoppers to purchase from a company other than the one they originally intended to.

Your store could be the alternative shoppers turn to, so, ensure your mobile website is up to date on prices, information, and is easy to find.

More people are online than ever since the pandemic. Does your company have an Mobile friendly eCommerce website? Why? Why not? Tell us about it.

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