Online Presence, a must during Pandemic

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

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During the pandemic several companies that did not respond or pivot have not fared as well as the ones who did. In fact Fortune reported that Kodak stock more than tripled when it made one such pivot moving from film into pharmaceutical production. Some distilleries have moved from alcoholic beverages to making hand sanitizer. Because of the use of alcohol, at least in some hand sanitizers, these distilleries where able to make a pivot that made sense for their business.

Companies have pivoted in many ways. All companies will not make such a significant pivot. However, many business owners have noted the need to be agile. Despite the pandemic financial markets and economies do experience change. Consequently, the biggest take away for business for 2020 is to remain agile as a good business practice. Another big take away for businesses, in the wake of many business still unable to open or open at a reduced or modified capacity, is to have an online presence.

Indeed, many online business, such as Amazon, have done very well during the pandemic. Some business naturally thrived during the pandemic such as cleaning services and hygiene products like hand sanitizers. Others have thrived because they had an online presence and if they did not have an online presence the got one. Get yours too. At Shidonna Raven Marketing & Design we are here to help you Soar by Design. We understand and our finger on the pulse of the market. Creating and managing our client’s online presence affords us the ability to do the same for you. Send us a message with a time and day that works well for you to for a pre-consultation.

What is your online presence? Do you have an online presence?

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