Improving User Experience on your Website

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Featured Photo Source: Unsplash, Bhagat

As a website designer one of the things my vendors complain about the most is the lack of management on the websites found on the internet today. They see a lot of websites in their end of the business and they report many websites are broken and lack necessary updates. They report that most people just put up a website and never touch it after that. I manage several sites and I am on at least one or more of them each day. Things change in a company. Objectives change. Products and services change.

Promotions and discounts change. Not to mention that a site that never changes is in high risk of being very non – engaging. If content is king on the internet, then engagement is the queen of the internet. Besides being up to date and current with the needs and objectives of the company and its customers, websites must be managed simply to keep them in proper working order so the infamous page 404 – page not found does not come up when someone does come to your site. Website owners spend a lot of money generating traffic. The last thing you want is for a user to come to your site; get a 404 error and immediately leave your site. Managing a website properly enhances the user experience and attempts to prevent errors such as 404 from occurring on websites.

At Shidonna Raven we are here to gain intimate knowledge of your business and clients to maximize the user experience they have when they visit your site managed by us. Our goal is to help you Soar by Design. E mail is today with a time and day to discuss your needs, wants and values with us.

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